Ethics Statement

Reviews reporting unpublished studies involving human participants, human data or human tissue or unpublished studies involving animals must:

  • include a statement on ethics approval and consent (even where the need for approval was waived). This is mandatory.
  • include the name of the ethics committee that approved the study and the committee’s reference number as appropriate.

Information, as sought by OMSTH for regulatory compliance, will have to be provided.

Reviews reporting unpublished studies involving botanicals, plants and commercial farming must include a statement specifying the local, national or international guidelines and legislation and the required or appropriate permissions and/or licences for the study.

If your manuscript does not report on or involve any unpublished animals, humans, human data, human tissue or plants, please state “Not applicable”.

Ethics Statement OMSTH

OMSTH strives to comply with Core Practices as delineated by COPE here:

All articles should also declare that they are in harmony with recommendations made by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors: