Editorial Team

Chief Editor

Dr. A. Maya Nandkumar, Scientist, Division of Microbial Technology

Areas of expertise: Cell-material-microbial interactions, Molecular dynamics in Bacterial biofilms and Immune modulation, Three-dimensional hybrid tissue models like lung and gut for studying the molecular biology of diseases, the effect of aerosolized materials like drugs, pollutants, nanomaterials etc. Development of rapid diagnostic kits for infectious diseases. Isolation and development of new anti-microbials / antimicrobial coatings for therapeutics, Quality management systems.

Email id: anmaya@sctimst.ac.in


Dr. George C. Vilanilam, Professor, Neurosurgery

Areas of expertise : Epilepsy surgery, Intrinsic brain tumors, Eloquent cortex surgery, Medical Law and Ethics, Clinical bibliometry.
Email id: gvil99@sctimst.ac.in

Dr. Srikant A.  Associate Professor, Achutha Menon Centre for Health Sciences.

Areas of expertise: Molecular epidemiology of non-communicable diseases, bioinformatic analysis for large scale data.
Email id: asrikant@sctimst.ac.in

Dr. Dinoop K. P.,  Associate Professor, Microbiology

Areas of Interest: Infection Prevention and Control, Implant and device-associated infections, Diagnostic stewardship, Antimicrobial stewardship, Laboratory quality management system, Clinical & Translational research in cardiovascular and neuro-infections.
Email ID: drdinukp@sctimst.ac.in

Dr. Francis B. Fernandez, Scientist - C, Division of Bioceramics

Areas of Interest: Bioceramics, Cell - Material Interaction, Tissue Engineered Composites, Clinical Translation, Drug Delivery Matrices, Matrix Design, Ceramic Composites, Magnetic Nanoparticles, Theranostics&Electron Microscopy.

Email ID: francisbf@sctimst.ac.in

Dr. Santhosh Kumar K., Professor, Imaging sciences and Intervention radiology

Areas of Interest: Neuro interventional radiology, Diagnostic neuroimaging of neurovascular diseases.

Email ID:  santhoshkannath@sctimst.ac.in

Dr. Remya N. S., Scientist D, Division of Toxicology

Areas of Interest :   Toxicological Evaluation of Biomaterials and Medical devices; Nanotoxicology; Cellular and molecular level Toxicological Evaluation; Invitro models for toxicity evaluation using tissue engineering concepts; stem cells and predictive toxicology.

Email ID:  remya.bijoy@sctimst.ac.in

Mr. Saurabh S. Nair, Engineer C, Division of Artificial Internal Organs

Email ID:  saurabh@sctimst.ac.in

Mr. Willi Paul, Scientific Officer(Instruments), Central Analytical Facility

Email ID:  paulw@sctimst.ac.in

Dr. Arun Gopalakrishnan, Additional Professor, Cardiology

Email ID:  arungk@sctimst.ac.in

Dr. Shrinivas V. G., Professor(Sr. Grade), Anaesthesiology

Email ID:  shri@sctimst.ac.in